The RDG200 thermostat range from Siemens puts room automation in your hands and makes it easy to ensure a healthy and comfortable room design.

The RDG200 offers complete room automation in a single device with powerful control functionality, built-in sensors, and a flexible power supply. Its slim design makes it a perfect match for all kinds of rooms – with an easy-to-clean, smooth, and resilient surface. Thanks to the capacitive touch rotary knob and the touch buttons, controlling your room is simple and intuitive. A wide range of  preloaded applications in conjunction with the Green Leaf function gives you a multitude of options for sustainable room automation. With the open KNX communication, you can seamlessly integrate  the device in simple to advanced management systems like Desigo™, Synco™, and any third-party solutions.

The RDG200 provides complete room automation in a slim device with a depth of only 25 mm. Its large, easy-to-read display shows all relevant data at a glance, and the intuitive design, customizable interfaces, and easy-to-understand icons ensure that you can control your room exactly the way you want.

Improved guest-experience in hotels

The slim thermostats fit in any room design and can greatly improve the guest experience  thanks to their touch buttons and rotary knob for simple, intuitive one-touch operation. The    universal icon language increases their ease-of-use even more. The smooth surface of the RDG200 is easy to clean and therefore more hygienic – an important feature for use in rooms with a high turnover of room users.

The RDG200 makes creating the best possible environment easy. Temperature and humidity  control guarantee comfortable conditions, and the Green Leaf and several more energy-saving features like setpoint limitation and the option to shift setpoints unite comfort with sustainable  and cost-efficient operation. Lock functions for the buttons and password protection allow only authorized staff to change the thermostats’ settings. This makes the classroom a safe, healthy, and productive place to learn.

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