Fire Extinguishing

Protecting people and assets, business processes and continuity are core aspects of fire safety. With XC10, we offer you a family of control panels for comprehensive fire safety: the panel family combines both fire detection and extinguishing control.

How it works? After receiving a fire alarm from the connected fire detectors, the combined XC10 panels trigger the extinguishing process. XC10 panels are the perfect solution for protecting valuable objects, a single sector (one room) or multi sectors (multiple rooms) with sophisticated requirements.

You can install XC10 as an independent control panel or integrate it into a larger fire safety system.


Application areas

Used for a single-sector application, XC10 can protect a single room or object, such as IT rooms or a turbine. It can also be used for multi-sector applications, for example large data centers or archives, etc.


Control rooms
and server rooms


Generators, transformers

Benefits at a glance

  • Advanced control panels for detection and alarming as well as for the activation of the extinguishing process
  • Highly flexible family of control panels – function with different types of detectors and automated extinguishing solutions
  • Space-saving and cost-efficient solution – less extinguishing cylinders needed with new multi-sector control panel for larger applications
  • Sophisticated detection and extinguishing technology – backed by decades of know-how and experience
  • Always on the safe side – XC10 control panels comply with international standards
  • Enjoy peace of mind – thanks to our wide service portfolio