Licenses and Certificates

Licenses held by IBT:

  • Licenses for designing and performing electrical installations of extra-low voltage.


  • Excelent SME ( certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, where the owner of the certificate receives clearly indicated good rating of the company, a higher credibility in the eyes of the parties and business partners, technical protection from copying quality marks to other sites).
  • ISO certification for the quality of products and services (IBT company entered the process of standardization of work ie of introduction of international standards ISO 9001. and this process has been successfully implemented and IBT has been awarded the ISO certificate.)
  • Certificate of Business Excellence (The business entity meets the highest criteria of creditworthiness in 2016., 2017. and 2018. year and falls within the very top of the companies in Montenegro that are authorized to use the status as a symbol of credit rating excellence.)