HVAC products to create perfect places

From valves and actuators to sensors and thermostats: All of our products fulfill the highest quality standards. Our portfolio offers you all the products you need from just one source. You benefit from consistent installation processes and easy engineering for every single product. Plus, you’ll receive support anywhere and anytime, with tools and apps designed to make your work as simple as possible – so you can focus on creating perfect places for your customers.

Room thermostats

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Siemens has a complete thermostat portfolio, ranging from simple mechanical & digital room thermostats for basic room climate control, to advanced KNX communicating thermostats for integration into building automation systems.

1. Smart Thermostat

The thermostat portfolio is enhanced with a Smart Thermostat for heating applications. With powerful built-in sensors, the Smart Thermostat controls temperature and humidity and can also monitor indoor air quality. The Smart Thermostat can be controlled from anywhere at anytime using the Smart Thermostat app.

2. Standalone Thermostats

Special emphasis is placed on fast installation, intuitive operation and accurate control.

The stand-alone room thermostats cover all room HVAC applications:

  • Heating and/or Cooling
  • Fan Coils
  • Variable Air Volume

3. Communicating Room Thermostats

Cost-effective room automation

The KNX communicating thermostats offer powerful, yet cost effective room automation.

Increasingly, these communicating thermostats are offered for room automation in projects with Siemens Desigo controllers.

The option to integrate into building management systems, Desigo CC, Desigo Control Point or Synco IC enables remote operation & service.

  • Heating and/or cooling
  • Chilled/heated ceiling
  • Fan coils with KNX
  • Fan coils Modbus
  • Variable air volume

4. Capillary & Clamp-on Thermostats

Immersion and wall-mounting

The versatile portfolio of thermostats also offers capillary and clamp-on thermostats.

The range includes products for immersion- and wall-mounting.

  • Temperature
  • Frost protection units
  • Room temperature


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Symaro sensors ensure a healthy and productive indoor climate. They record and transmit readings extremely quickly and accurately, providing an optimal basis for precise and therefore energy- and cost-efficient control of the entire HVAC plant.

1. Fine dust sensors

Monitor and protect your indoor air environment

The first-of-their-kind fine dust sensors from Siemens are specifically designed to monitor and control air pollution in offices and other indoor spaces. The sensors complement existing Siemens HVAC applications for a healthy indoor climate.

2.Temperature sensors

Reliable and precise measurement

Symaro offers temperature sensors with all important active and passive output signals. The active sensors can be quickly adapted to the situation at hand using a number of different, easily adjustable measurement ranges.

3.Humidity sensors

When it comes to energy-optimized control concepts, Symaro humidity sensors guarantee fault-free operation for years, even in critical applications. Thanks to the capacitive measurement element, they feature excellent long-term stability with high accuracy, freedom from maintenance and high precision.

4. Air quality sensors

The air quality sensors cover all requirements and are suitable for every type of building. The high-precision multisensors (CO/VOC, CO₂/T and CO₂/ T/r.h.) are available for room and duct applications, and also with an attractive display.

5. Pressure sensors

Symaro covers the entire range of requirements for pressure measurement. It comprises sensors for measuring very low to high pressures in all kinds of different media such as liquids, gases, water, refrigerants and air.

6. Flow sensors

Be it the flow of liquids or the flow of air, Symaro offers everything needed to ensure accurate flow measurements – from flow sensors to flow switches and velocity sensors. Since all types of flow sensors are available with DC 0…10 V or 4…20 mA outputs, the products are very versatile.

7.  Flush-mount sensors

The Symaro range for flush mounting includes not only sensors for temperature, humidity and indoor air quality but also multisensors for the simultaneous acquisition of up to three measured variables. In addition, the sensors can be matched to specific requirements, thanks to their wide choice of configuration options.

Valves and actuators

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Acvatix™ is a versatile range of valves and actuators designed for ease of use, superior control accuracy, and energy efficiency.

1. Intelligent Valves

Intelligent Valves are self-optimizing dynamic valves with cloud connection used in heating groups and air handling units. They balance and control flow, measure energy, and provide data for energy monitoring and system optimization.

Intelligent Valves offer benefits:

  • Facilitate work
  • Save time
  • Ensure comfort in buildings
  • Increase energy efficiency

2. Dynamic hydronic balancing

We have a responsibility to create buildings that are better for people and that are sustainable for the environment – and that means transforming buildings into environments that care.

3.  PICVs

PICVs (pressure-independent combi valves) prevent oversupply and reciprocal hydronic interference, reducing energy consumption and operational costs. Additionally, PICV enabled precise temperature control improves the comfort and wellbeing of building users. Siemens recommends PICVs especially for radiators, chilled ceilings, VAV and fan coil units.

Acvatix product benefits:

  • Simple planning and implementation of energy-efficient HVAC systems
  • Flexible planning thanks to continuous volumetric flow ranges and large differential pressure ranges
  • Simplified dimensioning, presetting, hydronic balancing, and commissioning
  • Easier system extension with independent pressure control

4.  Globe valves

Globe valves are used for flow shutoff, flow regulation or fluids mixing in the majority of HVAC applications. Siemens recommends globe valves especially for floor heating, zone control, heating groups, district heating and boiler plant applications.

Acvatix globe valves provide you with:

  • Reliability rates and long service life, even in extreme temperature and high pressure environments
  • Fast installation
  • Visible operating and position displays for easy troubleshooting during servicing
  • Simplified system modernization with backwards compatibility
  • Siemens HVAC Lab product quality certification

5. Control ball valves

Designed for efficiency, with precise control and leak-free operations, control ball valves are used for continuous and precise control in closed circuits. Siemens recommends control ball valves especially for air handling units and the 6-port control ball valves for heated and chilled ceilings.

Acvatix benefits:

  • Simple handling for quick, error-free installation
  • Highly efficient, with low torque and friction, and fine kvs graduation
  • Broad range of actuators and customer-specific adaptations
  • Flexible connection with internal and external thread screw fittings for the 6-port control ball valves

6. Magnetic valves

Magnetic valves are valves with a pre-installed magnetic actuator. They are used for the shutoff and mixing of fluids (water, water with antifreeze, heat transfer fluid etc.) and steam in nearly all HVAC applications. Magnetic valves are also ideal for applications with even the most stringent requirements, including industry-related areas such as engine test benches. Siemens recommends magnetic valves especially for domestic hot water and chiller plants.

Your benefits with Acvatix:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Rapid, magnetic valve control in under two seconds
  • Precise drop-by-drop control, for high efficiency and stable control conditions

7.  Rotary valves

Rotary valves – ball valves, slipper valves, butterfly valves – are primarily used in energy generation and distribution. Typical applications are if an additional boiler needs to be connected, or for the switching over of storage tank charging. Siemens recommends rotary valves especially for cooling towers.

Acvatix benefits:

  • Fast and simple valve-actuator coupling
  • Large dimensions for the highest volumetric flows
  • Visibility of operating status and position displays for easy service troubleshooting

8. Refrigerant valves

The Acvatix range offers hermetically sealed mixing, diverting, and 2-port valves for refrigeration plants. They also include refrigerant valves for expansion, hot gas and suction throttle applications. All Acvatix refrigerant valves save energy in the refrigeration plant, for example through their accurate superheat control also in part load situations.

Your benefits with Acvatix:

  • Hermetically sealed refrigerant valves – also in IP65 design
  • Energy savings with accurate superheat control, fine stroke resolution and <1 second  positioning time
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Safety feature for power failure
  • Control of dynamic processes
  • Easy to install and service
  • High degree of environmental compatibility

9.  Actuators for globe valves and PICV

Acvatix actuators for globe valves and PICVs consist of a comprehensive range of electrohydraulic, electromotoric, thermostatic and thermal actuators that can perform in a broad range of applications. For every type of actuator the suitable Acvatix valves are available.

10. Actuators for rotary valves

The Acvatix range offers actuators for butterfly, mixing and slipper valves as well as damper actuators for ball valves. They cover a wide application area, and for every type of actuator the suitable Acvatix valves are available.

Damper actuators

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1. Damper actuator family for HVAC applications

Save time and costs with OpenAir

Powerful actuators for HVAC applications: Are installation difficulties your biggest challenge? Or unusual locations? And are costs still a major determining factor for you? Stay on the safe side with the OpenAir air damper actuators – always right for your application.

2.  Damper actuators for air volume control

OpenAir: More possiblities, more convenience

Reduced outlay, increased convenience: That neatly summarizes the solid benefits the OpenAir VAV controllers offer. It’s all made possible thanks to maximum precision, excellent stability and winning flexibility – including the ability to respond rapidly to changed requirements.

3. Damper actuator family for fire and smoke protection dampers

Maximize safety with OpenAir

Safety when it matters: The OpenAir actuators function with reassuring reliability at a sensitive interface between humans and safety systems. After all, in an emergency it’s extremely important to keep escape routes and emergency exits free from smoke as long as possible, even if there’s a power outage or in special applications.

Variable speed drives

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1. G120P bundle

Power module and control unit including control cable bonding and fixing plate. Different frame sizes are available for wall and panel mounting.

2.  Basic Operator Panel BOP-2

The BOP-2 is designed for experienced installers who can program the drive without needing the intuitive features of the Intelligent Operator Panel, or for installers using the STARTER software. The simple menu layout is easy to grasp, and information referred to most frequently can be accessed quickly.

3.  Intelligent Operator Panel IOP-2-BT

The IOP-2-BT is designed for beginners and experts, featuring all BOP-2 functionalities and a display with clear text and graphics, different language settings and extensive context-sensitive help options. What’s more, the integrated application wizards and the graphic trending function make it especially easy to commission, diagnose and operate the G120P on site.


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Meters from Siemens provide precise acquisition and allocation of the energy consumption of heating, cooling and radiators in office buildings and residential areas.

1. Electronic heat cost allocators

Heat cost allocators WHE5..

The electronic WHE5.. heat cost allocators are designed for decentral acquisition of consumption costs. They are used primarily when heat costs need be allocated to different users, depending on their individual heat consumption. Visually read on site; Via an infrared interface; Via remote walk-by readout; Via automatic remote readout.

2.   Mechanical water meters

Water meters for hot and cold water

The water meters measure the exact consumption of hot or cold water and conform to MID. They are used primarily in domestic water systems, residential or nonresidential buildings and in water supply systems.

3.  Impeller type heat/cooling meters

The electronic, mains-independent impeller type heat and heat/cooling energy meters WFM/WFN are of compact design and used as metering devices for the correct acquisition of energy consumption. These fully dry-running meters conform to MID class 3.

4.  Ultrasonic heat/cooling energy meters

Accurate measurement using ultrasound

Siemens’ wide range of heat and heat/cooling energy meters also includes ultrasonic meters. These measure without any moving mechanical parts and conform to MID class 2

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